Addiction Treatment in Green Bay

A complex illness, addiction requires various types of addiction treatment that may address both psychological and physical components of rehabilitation. Fortunately, drug rehabs in Green Bay, employs addiction specialists and treatment methods that address the complexities associated with addiction--all the time knowing that a person and their life is at the heart of the addiction treatment and helping that person cope with, as well as conquer, their addiction is the end goal.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

The Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

An initial sign of addiction is an inability to cease a behavior--even when they realize they should. An inability to stop drinking or using drugs are sure signs of addiction. Other symptoms may include:

  • Risk-taking behaviors
  • Denial
  • Health concerns
  • Financial problems
  • Legal problems
  • Being excessive (i.e. drinking too much regularly)
  • Obsessive about an addictive substance or behavior
  • Preference for solitude
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms

This list is not extensive, but these signs and symptoms indicate that someone may be suffering from addiction and should obtain treatment.

Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol dependence requires treatment. An alcohol addiction is generally characterized by excessive drinking and an inability to stop. Some people facing an alcohol addiction may think about drinking throughout the day, drink each day at the same time, experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and have blackouts. These are common signs of alcoholism and demand rehabilitation.

Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be associated with the habitual use of both illicit and prescription substances. Someone addicted to drugs experiences an intense urge for the drug's effects. To obtain these drugs, people may perform illegal or risky behaviors. They may also exhibit withdrawal symptoms until they get the drug back into their symptoms. These signs of drug abuse require addiction treatment.

Signs of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is typically associated with compulsive sexual behaviors and thoughts. Sex addiction is invariably considered an intimacy disorder that may be characterized by excessive use of pornography, sex services, or even sexual crimes involving molestation or rape. Obtaining treatment for this type of disorder is paramount to overcoming it.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

A gambling addiction is characterized by a compulsion to gamble despite the havoc it has and may continue to have on one's life. Rehabilitation centers assist compulsive gamblers through various treatment services that help a person master their addiction before it can destroy their life.

Signs of Eating Disorders

Many eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia have an underlining compulsion and addiction associated with them. Treatment can help people suffering from eating disorders before they can cause profound health consequences.

Treatment Methods Overview

Treatment centers usually employ multi-faceted forms of treatment to solve the complex issues associated with addiction. Many patients require a long-term plan to beat their addiction and remain free of their compulsions long after they depart from the treatment center. Some treatment plans involve intense counseling and treatment medications. Addiction recovery is a multi-step process that typically requires a careful assessment from addiction treatment specialists.

Inpatient Treatment

Many people require inpatient treatment for their addiction. Opiate treatment and alcohol treatment typically involve a stay at an addiction treatment center. Often, addiction recovery has its roots in an inpatient stay.

Outpatient Treatment

Some people battling addiction may require outpatient treatment from the start of their therapy. Many people who begin as an inpatient transition to outpatient treatment as their plan progresses.

Suboxone Treatment

Opiate treatment often involves treatment medications like suboxone. These medications help minimize withdrawal symptoms as patients work themselves free of their opiate addiction.

Methadone Treatment

Like suboxone, methadone is one of various treatment medications that are used to combat opiate addiction. These medications help patients break their physical dependence on the illicit substance.

Individual Programs

While treatment centers have many tried and true methods and addiction treatment programs at their disposal, treatment is still tailored to each individual. Specialists evaluate and continue to assess each person as they work to overcome their addiction.

Holistic Rehabilitation

A holistic treatment plan sets people up for success because it treats the person's mind, body, and spirit--not just their addiction. Many people find that this is the most effective therapy for preventing addiction relapse.

What to Expect

What people can first expect when they enter a Green Bay treatment center is hope. The staff has both experience and expertise to help you overcome your addiction. You can expect a careful assessment of your addiction that involves discussion and treatment planning. Feel free to ask questions and find out exactly how your addiction will be treated and what your addiction recovery will entail.

Finding the Right Facility

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