Bellin Psychiatric Center

Bellin Psychiatric Center

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Bellin Psychiatric Center, is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Focusing on changing the lives of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, the addiction counselors at Bellin Psychiatric Center aim to do everything in their power to make their patients feel comfortable in their newfound surroundings and provide them with the most effective treatment possible. Treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have contributed to the birth of the addiction, is paramount when being treated at a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This, amongst other reasons, is why Bellin Psychiatric Center offers certain treatment approaches that have been proven to work. These treatment approaches may include: Specialized Treatment. Addiction treatment options are available to and Bellin Psychiatric Center accepts specific insurances, such as: Most Insurances. It's important to strive in helping those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to build a solid foundation for a renewed and improved future. Despite the severity of an addict's addiction, recovery is possible. With the proper treatment plan in place, addiction treatment patients can accomplish all of their goals and more. Get in touch with Bellin Psychiatric Center by visiting their website at to get started.


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Google Reviews

  5.0   2 months ago

My Doctor and Dr. McMahon has helped me get my mood disorder under control so far !!! Very grateful I was referred from my primary Doc....✌

  3.0   4 months ago

  5.0   5 months ago

  5.0   1 year ago

They saved my life. It didn't happen immediately but overall with a positive attitude, being open minded, medication or not, you will get the best care. Today many people have the ability to receive medication (because it was never before an option) to help the mind. I suffer dysthymia (form of depression). I have to take medication (prozac) because the firing of neurons in my brain were too slow, therefore causing me to feel listless, that everyone was out to get me, no one liked me, I was ugly, nothing interested me, I couldn't do anything right, didn't want to get out of bed, irritated all the time and saying all the wrong things but I was functioning. I was doing everything I was supposed to do to live but that was just it, I was a robot. Medication to me is very important because I like to say it "buys me time" to think before I speak, keeps me from getting so irritated, I have a will to live, and I can enjoy projects and doing things. Depression is not that you are sad all the time (although it is a part) of the many other feelings that surround your everyday living. Before you judge medication you need to give it a whirl for a long period of time such as a year because you may need to switch meds to find the right one that works for you. For me it is a life long project, like brushing your teeth, it must be of the utmost importance or you will not get the most out of your treatment. Happy thoughts, Ami

  5.0   1 year ago

True honest help.

  5.0   1 year ago

Wouldn't trust any other facility

  5.0   1 year ago

Nurses were very nice and understanding.

  4.0   2 years ago

My wife had some amazing nurses during her stay. They kept her in until she felt safe again. A special thank you to Stacey!!!!! But please do something about those beds; my wife had nothing but back problems due to them as she already has a bad back.

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