Drug Rehab in Green Bay

Drug rehab is often an integral part of drug addiction treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab includes inpatient rehab and a carefully designed treatment plan that is associated with a high success rate. Treatment methods for drug addiction are varied because addiction is a complex illness that requires a multi-step approach to support an addiction-free life.

What Is Rehab?

Drug rehab is designed to support a person's initial break with drugs or alcohol. Inpatient drug rehab generally helps patients detox to break their physical addiction with drugs or alcohol. Rehabilitation also involves counseling and may require various treatment methods depending on the patient's specific addiction.

Is Rehab Effective?

Statistics demonstrate that drug and alcohol treatment is indeed effective. Some people break their addition after one time in a treatment and recovery program. Other people may require multiple visits.

Drug Abuse / Drug Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction affects millions of people in this country every day. Drug addiction is an illness that requires a customized treatment plan to cure. Rehab and drug addiction treatment are essential for helping people break their dependency and begin the recovery process.


The causes of drug and alcohol addiction are complex. Medical research suggests that there are both environmental and genetic factors that may be involved in addiction. Like any illness, however, there are treatment methods for drug addiction that can help people overcome their addiction.

Types of Rehab

Each rehabilitation center offers different approaches to the process. Most, however, begin with detox. Some treatment plans will include drug addiction medications that may help people break their cycle of addiction. Treatment centers also promote holistic treatments for drug addiction that many people find ideal for living addiction-free lives.

Facts about Drug Addiction

  • Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance
  • The most commonly abused drugs include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs like vicodin and oxycontin.
  • People can develop an addiction to a drug after one use
  • Research demonstrates the younger a person begins to use drugs, the more likely they will suffer addiction.

Warning Signs

Some warning signs associated with alcohol and drug addiction include depression, withdrawal from social interactions, and deteriorating relationships with family and friends. Certain lifestyles such as spending time with other drinkers and drug users could pose as risk factors for drug and alcohol abuse.

Tolerance and Dependence

One of the problems with drug and alcohol addiction is that the person develops a tolerance for the substance they are using. In order to experience the desired effect from the substance, they must increase the amount they use. This cycle leads to physical addiction that requires supervised drug rehab under the care of addiction specialists.

Symptoms of Drug Abuse

There are many symptoms associated with alcohol or drug addiction. An inability to cease using the drug or refrain from drinking is a sign of an addiction. Other signs include refraining from social situations, giving up hobbies, or experiencing mental and physical withdrawal symptoms.


Because every drug is different, withdrawal symptoms can vary. Some substances such as opiates and alcohol cause severe withdrawal symptoms. By investigating drug rehab centers, you can choose a plan that suits your needs, and begin your rehabilitation process. Call us today at 920-227-1500 to hear about your options.

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