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Relapse Prevention Green Bay, WI

After a period of sobriety, the idea of relapse can be horrifying to a recovering addict. Unfortunately, even the most well-meaning addict can stumble. Many temptations occur when an addict returns home from rehab and they can become overwhelming. Because of this, it's important to be aware of relapse prevention techniques off through relapse prevention drug treatment in Green Bay. This way, relapse can truly be avoided. Relapse prevention techniques offer recovering addicts a variety of ways to cope with recovery. Relapse prevention techniques essentially provide different ways of ensuring an addict doesn't relapse. While techniques vary from addict to addict, the goal is the same: relapse prevention.

What Are the Stages of Relapse?

The emotional stage is the first point in which an addict should seek relapse prevention assistance. Unfortunately, many addicts feel they're strong enough to beat relapse on their own and avoid seeking help. During the emotional stage of relapse, addicts tend to spend their time and energy focusing on staying sober, so they begin to ignore other aspects of their life. They may become defensive, isolated and short with the people around them. While addicts during this stage don't think about using drugs, they are setting themselves up for future relapse by isolating themselves from people who can help support them during this time.

During the mental stage of relapse, an addict needs to utilize relapse prevention techniques to avoid using drugs or alcohol. It is during this stage that addicts begin planning how they will actually relapse. He or she will fantasize about using drugs. An addict may also begin to focus on how good he or she felt while using. With mental relapse, the addict will stop trying so hard to stay sober and instead focus on getting high again.

The third and final stage of relapse is physical. During this stage, an addict will break down and use the substance again. He or she may feel regret and sadness almost immediately. While utilizing relapse prevention techniques prior to this stage can prevent relapse, once physical relapse has occurred, the addict needs to seek the help of a counselor or support group as quickly as possible.

Relapse Prevention Programs at Recovery

Relapse prevention can include learning how to identify and avoid triggers, discovering ways to relieve stress and developing personal communication skills. Green Bay substance abuse treatment centers also have relapse prevention programs, which offer the best chance for addicts to remain sober after they complete their program. Attending an Alcoholics ( or Narcotics Anonymous ( meeting is also beneficial.

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