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Individuals looking for a rehabilitation program should explore the different options available. Some may contact a counselor, while others may simply join a support group. Although this treatment approach may work for some addicts in recovery, people with severe problems often find that they need to take a more comprehensive treatment method at Drug Rehab Centers Green Bay.

When someone is struggling with substance abuse, he or she might find it hard to quit alone. The support patients get from recovery programs at drug treatment centers in Green Bay helps patients move forward with their lives and find the support they need to succeed with their long-term sobriety goals.

Addiction can often lead to compulsive behavior despite the harmful effects. Some addictions such as alcoholism may require medical treatment and professional assistance at drug treatment facilities in Green Bay. In addition to the tangible cost associated with addiction, the toll on family, friends and the addict are insurmountable. A Drug Treatment Center in Green Bay understands the burden addiction carries and is ready to help recovering addicts achieve sobriety, and help their loved ones understand the treatment process and nature of addiction.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Green Bay

Warning Signs of Addiction

Many individuals try to deny their struggles with addiction and their families may also cover up a substance abuse problem at home. There are common addiction warning signs to help addicts and families recognize these problems:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Regular nosebleeds
  • Sleeping and eating disorders
  • Seizures, shakes, and tremors
  • Lack of personal hygiene or poor physical appearance.
  • Accidents and unusual injuries
  • Slurred speech, and impaired coordination.
  • Missing work or school, and loss of interest in hobbies, sports or exercise
  • Financial difficulties, borrowing or stealing money to buy drugs
  • Isolation or suspicious behaviors.
  • Change in relationships
  • Getting into arguments, fights, accidents, and illegal activities

All of these warning signs may indicate the addict is hiding his or her substance abuse problem. The staff at drug rehab centers in the Green Bay area are equipped to help the addict. Even when the individual refuses to acknowledge his or her struggles with addiction, family intervention and other methods are available in order to help the person in denial.

Group Therapy

When an addict begins treatment at a drug detox facility, part of the recovery will include individual counseling or a combination of:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

For each type of therapy, the individual in recovery can feel comfortable knowing the counseling sessions are confidential and safe. The patient is encouraged to share inner feelings and personal problems. For the sessions which may involve other people, the patient may be expected to listen and expect feedback, which generally includes constructive criticism and encouragement. Instead of feeling shame or rejection, therapy sessions create an atmosphere of understanding which encourages openness.

If the addict happens to relapse, the objective is to help the addict cope, remain positive and most importantly resume treatment. If the form of counseling is an intervention, everyone will share personal insights regarding the addict's behavior. For those family members feeling ambivalent, the therapist will help those individuals to speak up and share. The addict's behavior has profound consequences on family members and significant others. This is why therapists help the family understand the dynamics of drug dependency.

There are varying degrees of drug problems which bring with it complex social and psychological problems. Substance abuse may sometimes be used to cope with negative situations. The drug rehab process helps the addict assimilate new, healthier coping skills and re-learn how to live in society. The addict will learn how to live a functional lifestyle with stronger attitudes and values.

First, the individual seeking treatment will be admitted into a Drug Treatment Center Green Bay where counselors will learn more about the addict's specific circumstances, including the type of drugs used and frequency and length of time these substances have been used. The length of time in treatment will vary depending on those circumstances, as well as how the addict handles drug detox.

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About Green Bay

Green Bay, Wisconsin is located approximately 90 miles north of Milwaukee. Over 100,000 people call Green Bay home. The residents and visitors alike enjoy the local amusement park, public parks, hiking trails, the zoo and the wildlife sanctuary. The most notable features are the NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, who have won 13 league championships, more than any other NFL team. The Packers are the last small town team in the NFL. Green Bay, Wisconsin also has a professional indoor football team, the Green Bay Blizzards. You'll also find collegiate sports and a junior ice hockey team, the Green Bay Gamblers.

Today Wisconsin faces several threats including prescription drug abuse, alcoholism, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. These dangers not only affect families but also communities which are torn apart with crime and other social problems. Heroin has particularly being on the rise in the last years in this state.

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