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PCP Addiction Facts and Figures

PCP addiction is extremely dangerous, find out how to spot the signs of addiction...   PCP addiction can occur and does exist amongst consistent abusers of this drug. Though known as a hallucinatory drug, this substance can become addictive with severe consequences. Emergency room visits invo... Read More

4 Dangers of Withdrawal from Oxycodone

What to Expect During Withdrawal from Oxycodone...   A semi-synthetic opiate, oxycodone comes in various formulations, such as Percocet, Roxicets, OxyContin, and Percodan. The drug was created to aid with moderate to serious pain and is often prescribed for those with acute or chronic pain fro... Read More

Drug Detox Help in Green Bay

Why Local Drug Detox Help is Important...   Anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and makes the decision and commitment to get clean and sober has many hurdles to get over before they can move forward with their lives in a more positive direction. Each person's journey is different, but ... Read More

Getting to Know the Signs of Heroin Use

How to Point Out the Signs of Heroin Use...   The opioid substance, heroin, has taken the lives of too many. This drug is highly addictive due to the feelings of euphoria it brings to those who use it. To someone who has no knowledge of the effects opiates have on the body, the physical signs ... Read More

Green Bay Addiction Recovery Facilities

Addiction Recovery Facilities Green Bay, WI...   ...   Green Bay Addiction Recovery Facilities offer resources to make your heroin addiction recovery possible...   There are a lot of myths surrounding the subject of heroin and heroin abuse, but here are the facts: Heroin is an ille... Read More

Symptoms of Bath Salt Abuse

Recognizing Symptoms of Bath Salt Abuse Green Bay, WI...   According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, synthetic cathinones, most popularly known as bath salts, are synthetic drugs which are chemically associated with cathinone, a simulant typically found in the khat plant plant. The kh... Read More

Relapse Prevention Drug Treatment in Green Bay

Relapse Prevention Green Bay, WI...   After a period of sobriety, the idea of relapse can be horrifying to a recovering addict. Unfortunately, even the most well-meaning addict can stumble. Many temptations occur when an addict returns home from rehab and they can become overwhelming. Because ... Read More

Green Bay Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Green Bay, WI...   Most adults try drinking alcohol at some point in their lives, whether it be to celebrate a wedding or at a holiday party. Sometimes, though, drinking alcohol becomes a problem. If you're feeling stressed about your alcohol consumption or other pe... Read More

Green Bay Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth Addiction Treatment Green Bay...   Green Bay meth addiction treatment is essential for people who have been exposed to this incredibly harmful drug. Even people quit using it, The relapse rate for meth addicts is estimated to be as high as 90 percent, which is why detox and aftercare prog... Read More

Heroin Overdose Rates

Heroin Overdose Rates Green Bay...   In Marinette County, the rate of heroin-related deaths doubled between 2008 and 2012. The county was also in the top 10 of of heroin-related deaths and ranked 14th in heroin court cases. The world is overwhelmed by reports of drug abuse and its effects, and... Read More

Detox Massage Therapy

Detox Massage Therapy Green Bay, WI...   Detox massage therapy is a key component of many alternative therapy programs at drug rehab centers Green Bay. This is one the most efficient methods to treat symptoms of withdrawal that patients may experience during detoxification. Detox massage has b... Read More

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