Detox Massage Therapy

Detox Massage Therapy Green Bay, WI

Detox massage therapy is a key component of many alternative therapy programs at drug rehab centers Green Bay. This is one the most efficient methods to treat symptoms of withdrawal that patients may experience during detoxification. Detox massage has been employed successfully in helping patients dealing with symptoms such as nausea, headaches and other system dysfunctions caused by the presence of toxins in the body. Additionally, some recovering individuals say detox massage gives them energy; some of them have reported craving drugs or alcohol less while receiving this alternative treatment.

Benefits of Detox

The detoxification protocol works faster with a groundbreaking technique called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). During this procedure the massage therapists use gentle massaging strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system and release metabolic waste products, fluid excess and germs from the body. A combination of massage movements is employed in this procedure involving applications of pressure that softly compress and stretch muscle tissues. This procedure is also beneficial for the nervous and muscular system since it promotes improved fluid flow between the connective tissues.

The lymphatic system helps the body's defense against infection and disease by cleaning and eliminating microorganisms and other harmful foreign substances. When these toxic agents are kept out of the bloodstream, the lymphatic system works properly. Therefore, the individual can enjoy the benefits of good health. Therapists stimulate the lymphatic system's drainage mechanisms in order for the body to experience healthier circulation and cell rejuvenation. This practice can boost detoxification, contribute to the healing process, and strengthen the immune system.

A lymphatic system that works poorly can hinder the brain's ability to function properly and it also decreases other important organs' performance.

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