Drug Detox Help in Green Bay

Why Local Drug Detox Help is Important

Anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and makes the decision and commitment to get clean and sober has many hurdles to get over before they can move forward with their lives in a more positive direction. Each person's journey is different, but there is one commonly acknowledged step for every individual, and that is detoxification. It may seem obvious, but to begin the rehabilitation process an addict or alcoholic must first rid their body of the substance they've been abusing. This is what the detoxification process is for, and if you're looking for drug detox help, there are a lot of avenues to follow. Many people who are looking for help starting their recovery search for a drug detox near me to find a facility they can enter without traveling out of their local area. This is a great way to start a search for drug detox help because many experts believe that having to travel is an easy excuse for addicts or alcoholics to turn to when they are on the fence about entering detox and rehab.

What are Addiction and Drug Detox Symptoms?

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol there are two symptoms that everyone has in common and those are tolerance and withdrawal. When an individual abuses a substance on a regular basis and develops an addiction, they also become tolerant to the drug they are using. What this amounts to is that the person must take more of the drug over time to experience the same results. The individual may see this from one of two points of view: it takes more of the substance to get them high or to make them feel normal and be able to go about the rest of their daily tasks. Tied to tolerance is withdrawal as once a person is addicted, if they stop using or significantly reduce the amount they use or drink, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are similar or, in many instances, the same as drug detox symptoms. When a person begins that search for a drug detox near me, it is important for them to go into the process with their eyes open, knowing that there will be times that may be less than pleasant as their body adjusts, and rebels against, the fact that the drug they have been taking is no longer being regularly supplied.

Drug detox symptoms can include very general bodily reactions like aches and pains, nausea, and sleeplessness no matter what the individual's drug of choice may be. There are also more specific and more serious drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms, like the DTs, formally known as Delirium tremens, that alcoholics can experience causing confusion and hallucinations.

One of the reasons why professional drug detox help is so important is because detoxing at home on your own can be extremely dangerous. This is due to several factors including the lack of immediate medical attention that could be needed if a person has a severe reaction to quitting drinking or using drugs. Another reason drug detox help in a controlled environment is highly recommended is because it puts the person in a 100% drug-free environment ensuring they do not have easy access to any substance they may use to take the edge off of trying to go through detoxification.

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